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General Boarding Information

We have a small boarding kennel, so we suggest that you make a reservation well in advance to assure an available space. If your plans change, please provide ample notice to cancel as we often have a waiting list during peak boarding season (summer, winter and spring Holiday seasons).


Pets must be fully vaccinated with the required vaccines:



  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza
  • Rabies
  • Distemper

It is highly recommended that vaccines be updated at least two weeks prior to boarding. However, if at arrival the required vaccines are overdue, we will update the vaccines at owner’s expense. There will be charge for an examination as well as the required vaccines.

We require a mandatory exam for new pets that have never been examined by our veterinarians before making a boarding reservation for the new pet.

What to bring:

  • Food – Please bring your Pet’s food in labeled bags or containers from home. Please put your pet’s name and amount you feed per meal on the container. Bring enough for the visit and a little extra – just in case.
  • Medication – please bring any medicine that your pet takes regularly with your pet’s name and current dosage clearly listed on the container. There is an additional charge for medicine administrations:
  • Oral administration (2 meds up to twice a day) $3.00 per day
  • Oral administration (more than 2 meds or more frequent administration $5.00 per day
  • Injectable medications: $3.00 per injection per day
  • A labeled small toy may be brought from with the understanding that we cannot always guarantee its return.

What NOT to bring:

  • We do not permit bedding to be brought from home, as we cannot wash it before return, nor guarantee its return in the same condition it was brought.
  • No leashes, crates, food or water bowls may be brought from home.
  • If any of these items are brought from home, it is at the owner’s risk. Replacement for broken, lost or torn items is the financial responsibility of the pet owner.

You may expedite your check-in for boarding by bringing the completed boarding forms with you when you drop your pet off. These forms are available under the Forms menu.